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Pre Construction

Project Delivery Methods

One of the first decisions an owner needs to consider, at project inception, is a method for delivering the project. Bemocon believes in partnering and Best Practices for project delivery and managing the associated risks. We support the CCA, OGCA, TCA and CCDC documents as guidelines and principals for operating and executing projects. There are advantages and risks for each type of project delivery method. We can assist in the decision making process bringing our knowledge and experience, delivering projects using a variety of these models. Please contact us, we’d be pleased to meet with you to review your requirements and concerns and make recommendations in terms of the appropriate delivery model for your project.


The Canadian Construction Documents Committee (CCDC) provides a guide document: CCDC10.

CCDC 10 identifies issues that should be considered when selecting a project delivery method.

CCDC 10 also includes a chart showing how different project delivery methods can affect the following common project issues if all critical conditions are met: Scope definition, performance requirements, schedule requirements, costs, allocation of human resources and construction expertise, collaboration and communications.

Design Development Process

Bemocon believes in partnering, and the LEAN principals of continuous improvement and elimination of waste. Time wasted due to lack of leadership, decision making and project focus. Continuous improvement means always being open to learning and improving what we do, adding to best practices for project execution. No one person is an island. Projects succeed because of the people on the team. Focusing on the project leads to overall success which includes each individual’s success on the team.

At the heart of the LEAN philosophy is “Kaizan”; the Japanese word for improvement. Improvement of Self, improvement of the work we do and the balance between both. Engaged people perform better.

Achieving high performing teams leads to project success.

Pre Construction Schedule

Using pull planning we examine the overall project deliverable being the owner’s occupancy and operational readiness. Using this milestone date we reverse engineer the schedule considering timelines for: Construction, Fabrication of required materials, and equipment delivery required to execute construction. Permitting and other municipal approvals required to allow construction to proceed. Submittal process required to release material and equipment orders into fabrication. Procurement process to award the critical contracts that enable the submittal process to begin. Design and review process to enable procurement of subcontracts. The schedule is an important tool used to manage the project team expectations and to drive completion of critical activities.